Gilbert Sanchez

Gilbert Sanchez

SeƱor Systems Engineer

San Jose, California, US, 95111
English, Spanish




Experienced systems engineer with a versatile background encompassing IT and production systems. Focused on DevOps principles, I've been dedicated to automating, scaling, and optimizing operational efficiency. A fervent advocate for nurturing robust teams through a positive work culture, I'm deeply passionate about transparency, public learning, and continuous enhancement of both developer and user experiences.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Client Platform EngineerMeta

    Nov, 2021 - Present

    Spearheaded initiatives to enhance the overall health and reliability of the Windows fleet encompassing desktops, laptops, and VDI, aligning with board requirements while ensuring optimal performance.

    • Pioneered the advocacy and leadership in promoting PowerShell best practices, driving efforts to elevate code quality company-wide.

    • Established a robust build pipeline for PowerShell modules and streamlined module management on all devices, enhancing operational effectiveness.

    • Seamlessly orchestrated the transition from on-premise Configuration Manager to Microsoft Intune, achieving minimal user disruption and reducing technical debt by sunsetting on-premises services in favor of a streamlined cloud solution.

    • Successfully integrated Microsoft Graph API endpoints into the Meta Hack framework, enhancing system-wide functionality and responsiveness.

    • Collaborated closely with security teams to enforce best practices by implementing rigorous code linting and fortifying client OS security.

    • Made notable contributions to open source configuration management tools, enhancing the collective knowledge base and industry-wide best practices.

  • Systems EngineerMeta

    Mar, 2015 - Oct, 20227 years 7 months

    Responsible for maintaining the integrity of various global corporate services. Provided fast, flexible, and expert solutions for the business's rapid global expansion.

    • Collaborated with over 60 global vendors to ensure seamless operations and service excellence.

    • Implemented and administered Duo's two-factor security system, securing over 10,000 employees and reinforcing corporate security measures.

    • Developed an internal service directory using Meta's Hack framework, enhancing service organization and accessibility.

    • Recognized as a subject matter expert in the team, demonstrating profound expertise in Citrix, Git, and PowerShell, contributing to team success and competence.

    • Efficiently replaced WSUS within a week following its failure, ensuring the new solution's high availability and global scalability.

  • Systems AdministratorMilestone (Meta Vendor)

    Jun, 2011 - Mar, 20153 years 8 months

    Responsible for ensuring the integrity and reliability of a wide array of global corporate services, spanning both physical and virtual infrastructures. Delivering agile, expert support to end users, external customers, and administrators, while actively devising scalable solutions to meet the business's ever-expanding global needs.

    • Effectively managed complex Facebook Merger and Acquisition projects, successfully onboarding over 600 users.

    • Led a transformative effort in source-controlled configuration management, resulting in the commit of 1,300k total lines.

    • Implemented streamlined account management automation, enhancing consistency, security, and compliance with SOX regulations while passing multiple external security audits.

    • Orchestrated F5 customization, including custom login page development and a full APM module leveraging iRules, enabling robust three-factor authentication for highly secure environments.

    • Enhanced tooling for various critical services, including Active Directory, MS Certificate Authority, email migration, and VMWare deployment, improving overall operational efficiency and reliability.

  • Chief Techinical OfficerAchieve Learning and Resource Center

    Oct, 2008 - Present

    Established and founded a non-profit organization in the East Bay dedicated to providing substantially more affordable tutoring services.

    • Created a custom web-based Student Management System application to streamline administrative processes.

    • Provided strategic guidance on all technical purchases, ensuring cost-effective and efficient solutions.

    • Devised a long-term expansion strategy for the East Bay tutoring market, paving the way for sustained growth and outreach.

    • Designed a tailored backend system for tutors to facilitate communication with the Regional Manager and maintain detailed student records.

  • Corporate Secretary and Apprentice ElectricianSanchez Electric, Inc.

    Jun, 2006 - Dec, 20115 years 6 months

    Commenced an electrician apprenticeship within the family business.

    • Diligently recorded minutes during corporate meetings, contributing to organized and transparent decision-making processes.

    • Played a vital role in nurturing and maintaining strong customer relationships, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty.

    • Conducted in-depth research into optimal business practices, enhancing operational efficiency and performance.

    • Provided expert consultation on all IT-related matters, offering valuable insights to support technological needs.

  • Network AdministrationFry's Electronics

    Jan, 2009 - Jun, 20112 years 5 months

    Safeguarded the integrity of expansive networks connecting corporate headquarters to nationwide retail stores. Ensured network reliability and performance through continuous monitoring, employing open-source tools like Nagios and Cacti.

    • Installed and maintained VoIP servers at both corporate and store levels, ensuring seamless communication infrastructure.

    • Proficient in managing phone lines and punch-down blocks, essential for network stability and connectivity.

    • Successfully executed the migration from an unmanaged network to a managed network, improving network efficiency and control.

    • Experienced in configuring and managing networking equipment from Netgear, Cisco, and Dlink, optimizing network performance.

    • Maintained critical T1, T3, SIP, DSL, and DIA connections between the office and stores, guaranteeing seamless data exchange and business operations.

  • System AdministratorFry's Electronics

    Jan, 2008 - Jan, 20091 year

    Oversaw the ticket system, providing assistance to customers and store-level technicians, ensuring effective issue resolution and customer satisfaction.

    • Designed multiple internal websites using PHP and HTML, improving internal communication and knowledge sharing.

    • Maintained and updated an internal wiki, serving as a valuable resource for store technicians and departments.

    • Operated and resolved issues within a dynamic production environment, contributing to uninterrupted business operations.

  • HelpdeskFry's Electronics

    Jan, 2007 - Jan, 20081 year

    Served as the initial point of contact for stores escalating issues to the corporate office and provided technical support to Dial-Up customers seeking assistance.

    • Handled customer calls from across the country, offering expert support and guidance across a spectrum of technical proficiencies.

Projects Experience

Projects Experience



  • DevOps

    Configuration Management

    Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

    Systems Analysis

    GitHub Actions

    Open Source



  • Enterprise Procedues

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    Code Review

    Two-factor Authentication

    Vendor Management

  • Enterprise Tools





    Cisco Technologies


  • Microsoft

    Active Directory

    Microsoft Exchange

    Microsoft Intune

    Windows Server Update Service (WSUS)

  • Programming







  • Communications

    Public Speaking

    Active Listening






  • Using Fields (eLearning), Splunk

    Issued on: Jan 19, 2024

  • Into to Splunk (eLearning), Splunk

    Issued on: Jan 15, 2024

  • Searching and Reporting with Splunk 6, Splunk

    Issued on: Jun 30, 2014



  • Fishing

    Bass FishingOutdoors
  • Home Automation



  • Mike Dodge

    Gilbert is detailed oriented and one of the hardest workers I know. If you give him a task, you can be sure it will get done!

  • Simon Blackstein

    Gilbert is an awesome systems guy. He's had to come up to speed with managing Linux and Windows infrastructure over the last few years, and has definitely exceeded my expectations by becoming a reasonable coder where he needs to. Gilbert isn't afraid of anything as far as I can tell - taken on chef recipes, Citrix support and working with me on a corporate REST API written in PowerShell. He can pretty much take on anything he sets his mind to.

  • Nicholas Whiston

    In my work with Gilbert I've found him to possess a strong combination of technical savvy and interpersonal skills. He's knowledgeable but also approachable, making him a valuable team member. Gilbert is detail-oriented and committed, working hard to finish tasks under pressure and delivering exceptional results.

  • Wesley Whetstone

    This dude to be frank is a bad ass at anything he touches computer wise. Would love to work with this guy soon.